Snowlion Thangkas
Section A

Discover the marvellous world of Thangkas and Mandalas!

Here, you'll find a wide range of Thangkas and Mandalas with many different motifs. All our Thangkas are done in good to excellent-quality painting.

New: further down in Section A, we have created a Focus area for all Types of Tara. You can view many other Taras there.
However, you'll also find similar Thangka motifs in our other sections.

Is the Thangka you'd like still available? Please don't hesitate to inquire! Contact:, +49 (0)5021-90 83 20 0 or use the Request button under your preferred Thangka!

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your virtual visit to our Thangka and Mandala Gallery!

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