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Buddhist Statues / Bronzes

The Buddhist statues stemming from the over 1000 year-old artistic tradition of Tibetan Buddhist bronzes, created by the Newar people of Nepal. The statues are produced exclusively by hand using the complex "lost wax " technique, often taking months to complete. Thus, each statue represents a unique, valuable piece of art! For this reason, the measurements and weights given below the pictures are to be considered as reference values only, which, even for figurines of the same deity, vary slightly from piece to piece. Likewise, the engravings vary from statue to statue, for these, too, are executed individually by hand. Hence, the photos can serve only as examples. All large statues are made of copper either fire gilded, or (the faces) are painted by hand with a mixture of pure gold and glue. The Statues are partly silver plated too.

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Contact:, *49 (0)5021 90 83 20 0 or better inquire via the request button at the respective macro view of your preferred Statue.

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