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18 Arhats crossing the ocean

Order-Nr.: GT 17

18 Arhats crossing ocean

Views: Detail 1 & Detail 2 & Detail 3

Size 55 x 114 cm / 21,6“ x 44,9“
painted with gold.
Artistic quality is excellent
A fantastic thangka painting in big size in horizontal format.

Total price: 745,- Euro incl. taxes plus
In the mandala above the ocean Buddha Shakyamuni and entourage can be seen. Beneath him 18 arhats crossing the sea, while they are sitting in boats and on various mythical creatures. Celestial beings floating in the clouds. A very decorative, colourful and beautifully painted thangka in rare horizontal format.

This thangka was consecrated already by a monk of a Tibetan Monastery!

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