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Guru Rinpoche Manifestations - Thangkas and Mandalas from Snow Lion

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Guru Rinpoche Manifestations

Order-Nr.: GC 21
Guru Rinpoche Manifestations

Guru Rinpoche

Views: Detail 1 & Detail 2 & Detail 3

Size 58 x 82 cm / 22,8“ x 32,3“
Painted with the use of real gold
Artistic quality is excellent

Total price: 898,- Euro incl. taxes plus
Thangka of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) in various manifestations. Also other Buddha's aspects are shown on this Thangka. A magnificent and perfect painted Thangka of one of the best Thangka painters of Nepal.

This thangka was consecrated already by a monk of a Tibetan Monastery!

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