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Thangka GP15: of a medical teaching Thangka „Dreamprognosis“ /
eines medizinischen Lehrthangkas „Traumprognose“

Order-Nr.: GP 15

Medicine Thangka Dreamprognosis Traumprognose

Views: Detail 1 & Detail 2 & Detail 3
Another motif out of the famous series of medical teaching thangkas of the "Blue Beryl". Diagnosis will be found by Dreams. Superfine thangka painting with the use of real gold. A quality Thangka of the Snow-Lion gallery.

Format/size 51 x 61 cm / 20“ x 24“
gemalt mit Gold / painted with gold
Malqualität ist sehr gut / artistic quality is excellent

Total price: 1.100,- Euro incl. taxes plus

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