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Bhaishajyaguru EN - Thangkas and Mandalas from Snow Lion

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Tushita-Mandala-Calendar Bhaishajyaguru

Order-Nr.: 1-73


Size: 20,5“ x 23,6“
Stone colour, with gold
artistic quality: very good

total price: 1.100,- Euro incl. MwSt. / incl. taxes plus
Versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschlands / no shipping costs within Germany!
Innerhalb Deutschlands ist Ratenzahlung möglich!

In this very unusually but fascinating designed Thangka appears in the center the most important of the Medicine Buddhas, Buddha Bhaisajyaguru, surrounded by many other Buddhas. This mandala was the template for printing the Tushita calendar. Minor color variations are possible in the calendar

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