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Buddha Shakyamuni - Thangkas and Mandalas from Snow Lion

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Dream - Thangkas

Buddha Shakyamuni in Front of the Mahabodhitemple

Order-Nr.: SH 2
Buddha Shakyamuni


Size: 68 x 84 cm / 27“ x 33“
Large size. With Gold
Artistic quality: excellent

Total price: 1.900,- Euro incl. taxes plus
The center of the colorful picture is dominated by Buddha Shakyamuni on the Vajra Throne in front of the temple at Bodh Gaya, the holiest place in the Buddhist world. The central field is surrounded by numerous stupas and episodes from the life of Buddha. This thangka was the template for printing the Tushita calendar. Minor color variations are possible in the calendar.

This thangka was consecrated already by a monk of a Tibetan Monastery!






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